As a leader in intuition, energy management and contemporary well-being strategies I am delighted to bring you my new book – More Energy, More You!

I have brought together a wealth of information to support you on your journey to mindfulness, happiness and good health.

From simple exercises I call cognitive awakeners and physical nourishing strategies, to techniques I love to call emotional moisturisers, this booked is packed full of practical ways to make the most out of every day or simply to give you the nudge you might need to get you back on track.

Open to any page and you will find simple, yet effective techniques to improve your energy – and when you operate at your best, you live your life on your terms.

Buy it for yourself, buy one for a friend – there is something for everyone in this book. And take care of that gorgeous energy of yours!

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‘Sally shows us that our intentional awareness can bring intentional change and this is the most essential ingredient to well-being – important at any stage of life. I highly recommend More Energy, More You! a resource you will want to read and re-read on your journey to live your best life.’