More Energy, More You! The Workshop

Practical Approaches to Restore and Balance your Mind, Body and Spirit

by Sally J Rundle Ph.D.

If you have enjoyed my videos or read my book More Energy, More You – then you are going to love my live online workshop series.

It will be a special gathering of like-minded souls (limited to ten per program) working together to find more balance, more energy, more focus on how to achieve the best out of life.

  • Ever wondered how keep your energy and not let it be zapped by others?
  • Have you been looking for more passion, more excitement?
  • Want to work on ways to clear emotional baggage?
  • How about simply finding more energy to achieve more?

Let us work together to transform you, your life, your energy.

Over 6 weeks for three hours per week we are going to explore:

Cost: Held each fortnight for 6 consecutive fortnights commencing @ $250 per fortnight this is an investment in you.

As an executive coach I can tell you this is a course like no other.  Its practical. Its tailored for you.

This is life coaching with a kick or shall I say verve. It will give you insights about how energy really works and how you can master your own energy to tap into your true self, your true potential.

‘Sally shows us that our intentional awareness can bring intentional change and this is the most essential ingredient to well-being – important at any stage of life and especially as we age. I highly recommend More Energy, More You! a resource you will want to read and re-read on your journey to live your best life.’