Dynamic Leadership Coaching – The Uniqueness of YOU!

Seven things for you the dynamic leader…

Developing your innate strengths and latent talents

Increase the clarity of your messages, your narrative

Focus your senses and thoughts to make better decisions

Harness the crucial differences from those around you

Deliver upon your style in stylish ways that others can admire

Greater awareness of you self-limiting habits and patterns that detract

Recharging your energy to sustain your performance and health

My leadership coaching methodology draws from the contemporary knowledge in the exciting fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis, mindfulness, organisational change and the latest trends in energy medicine, wellbeing and high-performance management.

My style is an intuitive caring for you and your dynamic leadership potential. I am dedicated to supporting you to become your best.  I blend the very best knowledge from contemporary fields of endeavour with my extensive modelling experience. You will have access to this tacit wisdom and know-how from some of the great leaders of the world.

Some of the themes in coaching include…

Clarifying your purpose, and values to deliver upon your leadership promise

Leading yourself and others through dynamic change and transitions

Comprehending the impact of your thinking, and communication styles

Strategies for overcoming your limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Managing your energy for better performance and wellbeing

Enhancing your leadership confidence, competence and presence

Greater conversational skills for collaboration and better results

Sessions are in person or skype for 1.5hrs. Packages of 3, 6, 9 sessions are available.