Personal Intuitive Consult

I want you to resonate at your highest frequency, to stand out and shine. My empathic skill is to re-connect individuals with their unique strengths, and activate hidden gifts and abilities. I create a nurturing and enjoyable space for my clients to create more wholeness and inner balance.

This is an invitation for you to explore and discover how to successfully incorporate your intuitive talents and live a spirited life.

Are you being the best form of you?

Are you sensitive and intuitive and not sure how to use your abilities?

Do you sense you can express more of who you are?

Can you effectively take care of your energy and sustain it?

What will a personal consult do for you?

It will reconnect you with your unique energetic and intuitive strengths (such as ability to manifest, self-healing, glimpsing tomorrow, empathise with others, clearing tainted spaces, and lift your vibration). You will gain a greater confidence in trusting your own sensitivity, to harness your intuitive nature. My wish is to empower you to be your exceptional self, owning your uniqueness and delighting in all its wondrous possibilities.

The sessions are relaxed, informal, uplifting and fun.

  • Identifying your innate energetic talents and gifts
  • Aligning your purpose, strengths and intuitive knowing
  • Revealing and clearing limiting beliefs that constrict your talent
  • Optimising your energy, resilience and vitality

Sessions are in person or skype for 1.5hrs.

Energy Tune-Up

Three hours that will change your energy – for life! 

In this ‘Energy Tune Up’, I will read your energy signature and what’s unique to you and your gifts. Mapping how your energy is being depleted and underused, so you can take charge of directing your capacity to do more.

At the end of this short, focussed and interactive session you will have simple pioneering tools that will provide you the ‘Know how and skills to deliver on:

Stemming your energetic leaks, and how to optimise your energy

Quickly revitalise your energy when overstretched

Show you how to recover quickly from setbacks and reset your dynamic

Drawing on the latest research and tools in energy medicine and energy psychology, I will share with you how to take care of your energy to feel more vital, focused and balanced.


After the session I felt energized and very happy and Sally commented on the change in my face and how I looked. Sally has a wonderful way of making you feel special. I felt her focus was totally on me and nothing else mattered.

Sally is ultra-caring and she goes with the flow. She works through what comes up. I could understand easily what she is doing with me and felt very comfortable. After the session I felt relaxed and very much as ease. I look to future sessions.

She was amazingly adaptive and versatile in her approach with me, and I found she intuitively worked with me drawing on my strong visual preference (which I hadn’t realised was so strong!), whilst integrating tapping. I found the experience of Sally working with me reinvigorating and felt my energy brighter and clearer after each session. I would highly recommend a ‘daily dose’ of Sally each day, to keep oneself healthy, vital and invigorated.