Intuitive Energy Mastery Programs

Activating your intuitive talents – Come Alive!

Want to add a more meaningful depth to your life? …Want to be your brilliance and creative genius? We all have hidden abilities to know and do more, yet not quite sure the best way to bridge the connection between the head, heart and spirit. I can help you access your intuitive guidance and facilitate your natural abilities. On my journey, I have travelled the world to learn alongside ‘medical intuitives’, shamans, healers, tai chi masters and energetic sensitives. I have formally studied energy medicine and energy psychology. I bring this knowledge and know-how to show how you can tap into your potential and capture your promise of something exceptional.

Level one: fundamentals of your Subtle Energy

Energy fundamentals are about uncovering your energetic gifts, how they work, and providing a structure framework to explore and grow your intuitive talents


  • Being inspired to step into the uniqueness of you
  • Increasing your confidence to draw on your intuitive abilities
  • Learning effortless ways for increasing your energetic frequency

My promise to you

  • By the end of this program, you will have…
  • A wonderful feeling of being inspired, hopeful and joyful about your intuitive gifts
  • Greater and deeper sense of connection with yourself, others and Spirit
  • New techniques for connecting with your energy field, chakras and aura
  • Accessing ways for protecting, clearing and repelling energy coming into your space

Level two: advanced Subtle Energy techniques

Advance energy techniques for fine tuning your unique intuitive talents, expanding your energetic skills, and accessing a deeper level of spirited awareness.


  • Working more intimately with your spirit guides, a healthier exchange and guidance
  • Clearing negative energies to gain a greater wellbeing and intuitive healing
  • Activating your positive emotions and spirited energies for increasing moments of joy

My promise to you…

By the end of this program, you will have…

  • A fairer energetic exchange to manage, adapt and cope with guiding energies
  • Greater mastery and control over your unique psychic gifts and talents
  • Access other aspects of the subtle realms to recover thriving energies and wellbeing
  • Clearer messaging skills for clients and normalizing for others about your intuitive abilities.


Sally is an amazingly intuitive and generous woman to work with! She took me through a number of processes clearing my chakras, energy fields and tapping out negative experiences and reconnecting me with more resourceful thinking patterns and energetically, lighter energy!

Sally was amazingly adaptive and versatile in her approach with me, and I found she intuitively worked with me drawing on my strong visual preference (which I hadn’t realised was so strong!), whilst integrating tapping. I found the experience of Sally working with me reinvigorating and felt my energy brighter and clearer after each session. I would highly recommend a ‘daily dose’ of Sally each day, to keep oneself healthy, vital and invigorated.

Sally is ultra-caring and she goes with the flow. She works through what comes up. I could understand easily what she is doing with me and felt very comfortable. After the session I felt relaxed and very much as ease. I look to future sessions.