Sally offers a unique blend of depth and breadth of knowledge, combined with a gifted intuitive ‘knowing’. Her life-long curiosity for learning, vision and commitment to living a spirited life, inspire and positively impact all with whom she works.

Whether working with Sally professionally, privately or merely having a conversation with this dynamic woman, you will experience powerful shifts. Sally is truly masterful at what she does, inspiring in how she works and lives and one of the most exceptional coaches I have had the privilege to work with, as well as supervise.

Sally is an exceptionally gifted, perceptive, intuitive, warm, wise, competent, vanguard, and experienced consultant. Anyone who works with her will benefit from her luminance.

Sally is an inspirational coach that provides clarity and understanding on all aspects of Leadership.

She has provided me with practical advice together with intellectual and mindful insights.

I have worked with Sally Rundle for more than five years and can say, without a doubt, it has been amongst the best professional development I have undertaken. Sally has contributed immensely to my capability and the way that I approach business, helping me to explore my thinking and gain insights that have made me a more effective and confident leader.”

Sally Rundle has provided coaching services to myself and my staff, assisting in identifying and nurturing our inherent strengths and helping to realise our potential. The focus on managing energy and living according to values has particularly resonated with me as it brought to light and expanded those qualities within myself that are at the centre of my beliefs and what drives me to succeed. Sally has helped me to develop and find confidence in being the authentic leader that I strive to be, and has assisted my staff members to be the best that they can be. I wholeheartedly recommend Sally’s coaching and have found it to be the best leadership development I have participated in

I have been working with Sally Rundle for three years.  By working with Sally on my values and what truly matters to me I feel I have become a more authentic leader.  Working on my energy levels has enabled me to show up more positively and to be able to distinguish task from person.  I have been able to pass on this guidance to my managers and have created a more courageously collaborative environment where everyone is able to put forward suggestions and opinions without fear of negativity.  Sally has assisted me in how to approach difficult conversations at all levels and to be able to question more effectively to gain more understanding and perspective to enable better decision making.  I have questioned my own beliefs about myself and am able to assess many of my behaviours objectively and respond positively, often turning potentially demanding situations into positive outcomes.”

If I had to describe Sally’s strength succinctly it would be ‘people’. As Chairman of Parsons Brinkerhoff, I engaged Sally to help develop practical strategies for managing business cultures in emerging markets (particularly Asia); provide advice on the development of a global corporate culture and to do due diligence on executive and management capability in mergers / acquisitions. She assisted me in shaping and implementing the most successful talent identification and nurturing program I’ve yet seen, focused on the firm’s emerging professionals.

I could go on, but simply put she was outstanding on talent management, transfer of tacit knowledge from one generation to another, mentoring of senior executives especially those operating in an international environment.

You have been such a tremendous help to me, personally and professionally, in the year and a half that I’ve known you.

I don’t know if you are aware of just how much I’ve grown and evolved but it is thanks in very large part to your influence.

Thank you are just two words that represent so much that can’t be said. Please stay in touch, you are a light of positive energy!

Sally J Rundle is one of the world’s surprising delights. Over the seven or so years I have known and worked with Sally I have come to deeply appreciate the depth of humanness she brings to all encounters and the shift in energy and mood that’s created as a result of her presence, warmth and intelligence.

In front of the room as a facilitator, she can be relied on to be attentive, creative and joyful, while holding true to purpose and ensuring that participants are fully immersed and engaged in their higher order goals. Her gentle, kind and warm demeanour belies tough messages she is willing to stand by when the situation warrants it…never brutal, always with thoughtful care.

Sally has been a very important asset in my leadership transformation. To achieve what I have never been before, I needed to positively evolve into someone who I have never been. Sally guides me through achieving my goals, and making me the best person I can be in heart and in business.

She is compassionate, professional and easy to follow, making my development relaxed and enjoyable. She not only helps me, but also my team leaders to thrive and succeed

Sally is fabulous to work with. She is professional, caring, positive and happy. She recognized what needed to be worked on easily and resolved each issue that came up.

After the session I felt energized and very happy and Sally commented on the change in my face and how I looked. Sally has a wonderful way of making you feel special. I felt her focus was totally on me and nothing else mattered.

Sally is ultra-caring and she goes with the flow. She works through what comes up. I could understand easily what she is doing with me and felt very comfortable. After the session I felt relaxed and very much as ease. I look to future sessions.

Sally is an amazingly intuitive and generous woman to work with! She took me through a number of processes clearing my chakras, energy fields and tapping out negative experiences and reconnecting me with more resourceful thinking patterns and energetically, lighter energy!

She was amazingly adaptive and versatile in her approach with me, and I found she intuitively worked with me drawing on my strong visual preference (which I hadn’t realised was so strong!), whilst integrating tapping. I found the experience of Sally working with me reinvigorating and felt my energy brighter and clearer after each session. I would highly recommend a ‘daily dose’ of Sally each day, to keep oneself healthy, vital and invigorated.

Sally… your work is excellent – professional, making use of your intuition, connecting with clients, skilfully executed and presented.