Oh no, not another day!

When the alarm goes off in the morning, and you feel like ‘Oh no, not another day,’ that’s when you need to stop for a moment, put that thought aside and give yourself some time to consider why you feel this way?

Gentle questioning first thing in the morning can give you some clear answers and it is in reviewing these answers that you might find that one or two simple adjustments are all that is needed for you to face the day with clarity and in a more energised state.

Questions such as are you waking up tired; are you struggling to find time for yourself or; do you wonder how you can keep going? If so, then you are not alone.

As a society we are experiencing low levels of overall well-being and higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

I refer you to my new book More Energy, More You! where you will find over seventy proven strategies that are useful for inducing a relaxation response and giving you the chance to positively restore your energy so you can meet each day with vitality.