Want to know how to ease up on yourself?

Amongst the more than seventy strategies aimed at restoring and revitalising your energy and included in my new book More Energy, More You!

There is a strategy called Lacy Knit! No, it’s not about knitting a jumper or scarf! It’s a strategy for those moments when you find that you are constantly coming up against the harsh realities of life, when you pick holes in everything! Lacy Knit is designed to give you the ability to ease up on yourself and to bring you into a more delicate energetic interaction with others.

It doesn’t mean giving away your power or being taken advantage of, rather the focus is to embrace your vulnerability, especially when faced with the unknown or uncertain. How often do you allow others in? To what extent can you receive as well as give?

Strong and resilient people often consider others more worthy of care than themselves, but by embracing a more sustainable energy exchange you set up a two-way connection – with both give and take. When we are touching in our interactions then we allow ourselves to be touched in turn.