What’s your verve and sway?

I feel that Michael Bublé needs to sing a song that is all about verve and sway! So what do I mean by this, you may ask? In my younger days it was all about what I call ‘the verve’ energy.

I was buzzing with the energy of ‘doing’ which is so important when we need to go out into the world. It was only later I started to feel that energy begin to soften and a more subtle ‘sway’ energy started to show up. Sway is a more powerful, flowing style of energy, one that gives voice to our internal passion and provides the charge for being alive and for contributing in the world.

The best way I can describe it is that verve is the bow of a ship that takes us forward, lifts and moves us through the rise and fall of the waves of life; whereas sway is a more natural, relaxed state, there is a certain rhythm and natural ease when we identify that we are in our sway energy.

So why is it important that we have these two energy states? I’m glad you asked … energy is at the very heart of our health and well-being, and when we understand our energy needs – whether it’s the burst we want in order to finish a project; or the more relaxed energy we need to restore and rejuvenate there are ways of optimising both.

In my new book More Energy, More You! I show you simple ways to harness your personal verve and sway energies, so that you can become a more vital, vibrant you.