What’s your passion?

I have a friend that has a passion for roses. He has created a beautiful garden that is sensually fragrant and he tends to his roses with care and contentment. His preference for roses has broadened his world in such a way that he has travelled to visit the great rose collections of the world in his desire to learn more.

So, I’m wondering about you, ‘what’s your passion?’ It is so easy to narrow our preferences and prejudices in such a way that our personal world shrinks – it is then that you need to give some thought as to whether your likes and dislikes are still relevant.

Consider adding a new personal preference and removing one of your prejudices and begin to expand your thinking and your world. In my new book More Energy, More You! there are a range of strategies to help guide you to find out what makes you happy and how you can take yourself beyond the every-day.

Just like my friend, when you find a passion for something, whether food, art, collecting etc. I urge you to embrace and delight in it – you will be surprised where it will take you!