Your Embroidered Signature… owning what makes you unique

Do you have a desire to live more fully into your potential? Are you wanting to overcome your self-doubt and really step into becoming exceptional… owning and being your unique self? Feeling good about what makes you different? Do you have knowing within you that sparks the need to be discovering more?

This strategy is about defining your identity and what makes you an exceptional human being. It invites you to be true to the essence of you and then choosing to fully own it.  Being your own exception is about showing up in the fullness of your unique spirit. A myriad of intangible aspects and qualities make you exceptional. There is no-one else on the planet like you. You have been shaped by a combination of your genetics, energetic make-up, context and the results of choices undertaken daily.

Your embroidered signature is a recognisable and unique expression of your identity. For most of us, we live in cultures where people are hyper-aware of feeling a personal lacking, and not being enough.  We now have experts on everything who point out what we are not doing or should be doing more off to be a better person. This creates feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration and an incessant drive to the find the missing piece and get things sorted. This can manifest as a yearning to become someone you are not, a sense of missing out, and a feeling of not quite being there. If you don’t know who you are, then you are more likely to succumb to conforming to another’s expectations of you.

Knowing your true nature is what enables you to guide yourself from the inside out. Spiritual mentor, Hiro Bogo calls this being the sovereign ruler of your life.  It is a buffer against cultural and social expectations of how you should and need to be. It brings you back to your core essence and from this it helps you to become more resilient and connected to what matters to you. In articulating her point of view on success, Oprah Winfrey says,

I sit here profitable, successful, by all definitions of the word. But what really, really, resonates deeply with me is that ‘I live a fantastic life; my inner life is really intact’. I live from the inside out. Everything I have, I have because I let it be fuelled by who I am and what I realize my contributions to the planet could be.

So where is the starting point?

It’s acknowledging the unique combination of strengths, gifts, talents and qualities that are distinctively you. Where in your life can you step up and bring into the world more of your innate gifts and strengths? What experiences in your life have shaped your substance and how can you build on this? What could happen if you were aligned to your purpose and values?  … Then embrace and go with your differences, delight in you and how you can offer a differing take or perspective. Avoid being right or imposing your beliefs and opinions upon others, just smile and enjoy you as a contrast.

I find myself going out of my way to find people from different walks of life, things I know little about or find strange and usual to my own way of living. My curiosity wants to hear how we each will have a story or a tale to be discovered, we all have a narrative to tell if asked …The starting place is by showing an interest in their choices taken and opportunities missed, not to challenge them, just to listen to an unfolding tale told. Then I try and walk a mile in their shoes, what would I have done given their circumstances and without the aid of given hindsight.

For me, I highlight the many moments of delight in how my life would have been different if I had followed their path, not as a compare where I could have done better but more about adding the wisdom gleaned from their circumstances of restraints. I am left feeling blessed and mindful of the folly of not repeating another’s mistakes and thankful of their learning… which I can then share with others making their headway a little easier from another’s progress.

Lastly, I sit and ponder in awe at their exceptions to the rule…

To discover more…There is a plethora of self-help books or life coaches who can assist in reaching you and your potential for whatever your field of endeavour might be. Seeking out those who already have years of experience within your interest and simply asking them to become a mentor is a good starting place.

You are the spark, the light…generate the flame from within you, this is who you are and can become.

 Braco, Spiritual Healer

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